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Plan A Romantic Weekend Getaway

Plan A Romantic Weekend Getaway
on 01 January 2022 in Events & Entertainment in Chinchilla

With Valentine’s Day coming up soon, it’s time to get yourself in gear and start planning a romantic weekend getaway that will help relax, refresh and rejuvenate yourselves and your relationship.

Here are some of our favourite rules to follow when planning for success.

Avoid calling it a romantic getaway

Emphasising the getaway as a romantic one sets the standards high and builds up expectations. Making the mistake of labelling your getaway, even if you do plan on making it romantic, bears the risk of both of you spending your time trying hard to be romantic without allowing it to come natural.

Forget the clichés of what Hollywood or your friends on Instagram are selling to you about romance, and embrace what strengthens your relationship no matter how unconventional it may be.

Lock up your tech

The whole point of a romantic getaway is to get away from everyone and everything else – and that includes your phone. 

It’s time to focus on your significant other and truly give them all of the attention they deserve during this romantic getaway. If you’re thinking, what about pictures as we explore together? The answer is simple – old school cameras will solve your need for snapping memories!

Choose Differently

Busy bustling cities can be fun if it isn’t ordinary to you. But if you live in a big city where the whole place feels like a concrete jungle, it’s time to take romance remote.

Going away to a quieter place like Chinchilla, in the Western Downs region, offers a better sense of tranquillity away from the norm. In Chinchilla, you’ll be welcomed with blankets of produce, wildlife that the city simply cannot compete with, breathtaking landscapes and a proud heritage that stems from pioneering Australian days.

Embrace the best of the vibrant town through its passion for melons (Chinchilla is known for being Australia’s melon capital with a quarter of melon exports coming from the region). Put your discoverer hats on and fossick for petrified wood together, explore the many local artworks and sculptures, pack up a basket full of fresh local produce and goodies for a romantic picnic at the Chinchilla Weir. There is plenty to do in Chinchilla for those looking to spend some quality time together while discovering a beautiful town.

Make your stay in Chinchilla perfect by checking into the Club Motor Inn, Chinchilla’s most adored accommodation by both locals and travellers alike. It’s situated in the heart of town, close to all the attractions that will make your getaway convenient and easy going. Promising comfort backed by impeccable customer service, a stay in one of the deluxe units features breakfast served to your room and packed lunches ready for you to bring on your picnic out to the Chinchilla Weir.

With the historic Club Hotel connected to the Club Motor Inn, you’ll have the best of Chinchilla dining right at your doorstep. Superior food backed by amazing service, it’ll be easy to impress your date with a romantic dinner. Live entertainment is offered every Saturday evening and a visit to the beer garden with over a dozen different taps could help loosen up some tension and get you in the mood for some romantic relaxation. 

Call 07 4669 1100 to book your stay at the Club Motor Inn or book online here.

Do what you really want to

You’re in a new town. Everything seems so new and exciting. You may want to explore as much as possible. And you may feel the adrenaline rushing – telling you to drop your bags and adventure. 

But here’s the catch. You’re on a romantic getaway, not an expedition. The difference between travelling and holidaying is often lost among many couples. You can travel somewhere and book a ton of activities, jam-packing your holiday full of things to only realise that you actually haven’t taken the time to enjoy your company, relax and unwind.

The whole point of a romantic getaway is to do the things that both of you enjoy, and that will help strengthen the relationship as well. This could very well be planning some activities but doing no more than one or two things a day, so as to not overwhelm yourselves with activities and allow for you two to enjoy your time engaging in the activities. On the other hand, you may find that the best romance is doing nothing at all without any itinerary or plans. This means waking whenever you feel like it, exploring places that look nice, eating whatever looks good, and living in the moment.